Monday, February 7, 2011


I guess all I had to do was complain about everything because right after my last blog, i plugged in my camera, and it worked! So now I can finally update my blog. =)
For starters...these are my latest light switch plates. Most of them were done for my own house but there were a few that I did for other people as well:

This is one I did for my mom.

This is in my dining room =)

Our dogs have their own room...sorta. This is one I did for them. Not that they really care or anything.

Another one for the dogs....


  1. How fun! I LOVE your imagination :)

  2. You are so brave, painting a FIRE HYDRANT on the switchplate... Doesn't that invite urine marking in the house? Maybe eventually I'll give up and just paint a big red fire hydrant in the dining room, next to the draperies that my dog keeps peeing on. Because peeing on the wall would be better than peeing on the draperies, right? I can scrub and repaint the wall myself, but when he marks on the draperies I have to take them to the dry cleaners!!

    I really love the dog bone one, though. Very cute.

  3. Thank you Rebecca! Yeah they peed once or twice in that room. I never thought that my light plate may have encouraged it. haha. I appreciate your comments :)